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Custom Panel Assemblies

Panels for Axe-FX

Pre-Wired Audio Panels

Rack Panels
Populated with Panel Connectors

Wall Outlet Plates Populated with Panel Connectors

Rack Panels with D and G Size Holes

Rack Panels with
DB25 Holes

Rack Panels with Power Connectors and 8 D Size Holes

DJ Rack Lights

Panel Connectors

Cable Adapters

Cable Testers

Connector Adapters

Acoustic Screens

Connectors - 1/4"

Connectors - Banana

Connectors - RCA

Connectors - Speaker

Connectors - XLR

Connectors - Mini XLR

Direct Box

Insert Cables


Patch Cables

Speaker Cables

Power Panel Connectors

Solder Lugs

Rodgers Support Cables


Vafam Sound provides a variety of high quality audio components aimed at the sound recording industry and the working musician

We carry a great selection of Bulk Audio Cable, Speaker Cables as well as a large array of audio connectors and adapters. We also have audio panels available in a wide variety of configurations.


We do customize these panels and we can add wiring and connectors to these panels per your specifications.

To see a cross section of custom Panel assemblies we have made over time please click here: Custom Panel Assemblies.

We sell primarily over eBay and our store can found as VafamSound. Please click here to see what all we have in our store and check our prices....

If you have questions, please send a message to info@vafamsound.com and we will work with you to accommodate your audio requirements.





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