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VS-AC32NS Acoustic Diffuser Screen
(Stand not included)

This Acoustic Diffuser Screen is an affordable solution for improving the sound of the acoustic space around the microphone either in a recording studio or during live performances.

The VS-AC32 shields the microphone from surrounding sound sources that can possibly influence the purity of the sound recorded by the microphone thereby improving the detail and sonic character of your recordings.

The VS-AC32 easily mounts on a standard mic stand allowing you to take the entire setup with you to where you want to record.

To sum it up this Acoustic Diffuser Screen offers several benefits.
  • Improves the acoustic quality of your recording space without the need for a permanent setup Coloration - Approximately 1dB
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • The aluminum mesh makes for a light panel (Approx 6lbs)
  • Fits on standard microphone stands.

Shipping: Shipping to the lower 48 continental US via FedEx Ground/Home.
For other US destinations please contact us for a shipping quote.


VS-AC32NS (Without Stand): $74.00
Shipping: $19 to destinations in the lower 48 Continental US




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