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Payment Terms
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Custom Panel Assemblies

Panels for Axe-FX

Pre-Wired Audio Panels

Rack Panels
Populated with Panel Connectors

Wall Outlet Plates Populated with Panel Connectors

Rack Panels with D and G Size Holes

Rack Panels with
DB25 Holes

Rack Panels with Power Connectors and 8 D Size Holes

DJ Rack Lights

Panel Connectors

Cable Adapters

Cable Testers

Connector Adapters

Acoustic Screens

Connectors - 1/4"

Connectors - Banana

Connectors - RCA

Connectors - Speaker

Connectors - XLR

Connectors - Mini XLR

Direct Box

Insert Cables


Patch Cables

Speaker Cables

Power Panel Connectors

Solder Lugs

Rodgers Support Cables



Wall Plates with
Panel Connectors

We have a selection of wall plates available with a wide variety of
Panel Connectors already mounted.

The wall plates panels come with either Brushed Nickel or
a Black Powder Coated finish.

Click on the pictures below to see what all we have available:


Custom Configurations

If you need a different connector configuration we can make those available.
Just send us a message with your requirements.

Also, we can add wiring to the panels as can be seen here:







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